How To Not Look Jet Lagged After A Long Flight

How To Not Look Jet Lagged After A Long Flight

Long flights can wear ya down, emotionally and physically. Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered so you look 100% when walking off that airplane at your final destination!

Let’s be honest, the best way to travel is makeup free. I’m sure you all knew that, but with our obsession of Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook traveling makeup free is probably not going to happen. If you can, starting your travels with a fresh face will allow your skin breath + make it easier for you to maintain throughout the flight. So give it a breather, take it off that makeup!

Okay, you are about an hour in to your 4 hour flight and you have finally begun to settle in, now it is time to lay on a moisturizing mask!  These are a great way to replenish loss of moisture due to that yucky recycled airplane air; it will perk up the skin and give you a fresh look! Just a heads up, after removing these masks our skin has a little residue left on it so just take a facial wipe and give your face a quick little “wash.” It’s totally up to you whenever you want to use the mask, sometimes I wait until right before landing to liven up my face.

Another great option, to use in combination with the hydrating mask or even by itself, is hydrating mists. Hydrating mists are great way to quickly re-hydrate your face – give it that dewy appearance. If you are taking a quick flight somewhere (less than 3 hours) then I would def recommend using only the hydrating mist. These are totally worth the purchase- you can use them when traveling, during the dry winter months to add moisture to your face (with makeup or without), and to give your makeup a dewy appearance.

Water, water, and more water

Water will be your skin’s best friend when traveling… okay basically it’s BFF all the time!  When travelling our skin gets dehydrated so make sure to drink more than the average amount of water the night before, the day of, and even after the flight! Nobody wants dull, dry skin!! My reusable bottle is always with me when I travel, that way when I get to the airport and I’m waiting at the gate I can refill my bottle and stock up on that hydration!!

There Ain’t No Way I’m Traveling W/Out Makeup On…

If you are one of those people that cannot leave the house without makeup then I have some tips for you too. Stay away from heavy makeup such as eyeshadows, mascara, and eyeliners. They will not last, so don’t even go there! Once you land you can apply them, trust me it will look way better! Starting at the base: throw on some bb or cc cream – these are light enough so they won’t enhance the dull appearance of your skin and they will give your skin a light tint so you won’t feel so bare and moisturize it during the flight.

All these tips can be beneficial during any sort of travel – plane, boat, road trips, etc.

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Utah: Zion National Park

Fall in Zion


Cooler weather, autumn colored leaves, and less traffic, Zion National Park is a must see in the Fall! Having visited Zion multiple times and in several different seasons, I will tell you that visiting in Fall has lots of benefits.

Just a few weeks ago we were headed out to Zion for a wedding when we decided to exploration to our weekend plans. This was not our first time to Zion, but being as the park is quite large and has numerous areas to explore we had yet to see all it has to offer. This was going to be tricky… a weekend full of wedding necessities and try and fit a few hikes in. Luckily for us, the majority of the wedding party was also very interested in enjoying what Zion had to offer so we fit in a few hikes.

The Wedding

Talk about the perfect setting!! The ceremony was outdoors overlooking the outskirts of Zion, in a community called Ponderosa Ranch Resort. Not your average resort, that’s for sure. Big, beautiful homes that slept 25+  with private trails leading around the properties. It began promptly at 6pm and ended as soon as the sun had set… talk about perfect timing! Many stayed right there in that house while the rest camped in the park or stayed at an adorable lodge, called Cable Mountain Lodge, located right at the front entrance of Zion.

If you plan on staying in the town of Springdale there is a strip of shops and eateries, but remember the city shuts down pretty early so grab your groceries and head back to your hotel if you plan on having a late night!

Virgin City

Home base for us is Las Vegas, Nevada this means we drove up the 15 N all the way to the 9 and straight into Zion. Anyone traveling from Los Angeles, Riverside County, or Las Vegas will go this way. About 20 minutes South of  Springdale you will cross this cute, small town called Virgin City. Actually I’m surprised it is even considered a city because the entire place is sporadically populated. It is a fun little pit stop to stretch the legs, grab a beverage, and check out the fun petting zoo they have set up.


Recommended Hikes

Okay back to our main topic, ZION! The morning of and the morning after the wedding we enjoyed a few hikes. I’ll tell you a little about each below!


  • The Watchman Trail – Looking for a fun and easy hike that you can take the family on? Well this is definitely one of them! An easy to moderate hike that offers you beautiful views and a viewpoint at 456 feet up , this is sure to please those who aren’t skilled hikers. 2 miles long and takes about 2 hours to hike, this is a great hike if you are short on time.


  • Angel’s Landing – This hike is not intended for those of you have a fear of heights. At some points you will rely on chains, handrails, and steps to get you through the more exposed areas. The views along this hike are incredible; stopping every so often to snap a pick or just take a break and enjoy the beauty around you. With minimal stops, plan on spending about 4-5 hours hiking this trail. At the end of this trail you will reach a peak that overlooks the stunning canyon floor at a height of 5,785 feet.
    • Recommended – Bring water, snacks, a GoPro, a small backpack/camelback, and sunblock! It does tend to cool down a bit in the Fall, but you are exposed to the sun during 90%  of the hike (or more depending on the time of day).
    • Not recommended – shoes with no grip… there are many areas of this hike that you will sand and slick rocks so reliable shoes are A MUST. A backpack full of items not listed above. Don’t forget this is a 5 hour hike so carrying a backpack with extras is only going to make this hike less enjoyable.

I will be posting a vlog about our hike up Angel’s Landing…stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and remember you can always shop my favorites from each article- just click the shopstyle badge on the bottom of the page. Have you hiked in Zion before? If so comment below, I’d love to hear all about it!!


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Colorado: CoorsMiller Factory

CoorsMiller Brewery Tour – FREE Beer!

Are you a beer lover? Or would you like to visit a brewery where you can taste a few different brews, AND get a tour of the brewery itself? If so, then this post is for you. Even if you don’t really like beer, we highly recommend visiting this brewery for a few reasons: It’s FREE, it has HISTORY, and it’s just plain FUN.

Set in the beautiful Golden, Colorado is the original Coors Brewing Factory. It is absolutely massive in stature, and produces beer in the same fashion that you would expect. In this post, I’m not going to give away too much about the history or how the factory operates today; when you go in for the tour, they are going to give you all that fun info, and I am a fun GIVER, I do not taketh away! So, back on track, the Coors Factory offers a tour that is 100% free of charge. Within that tour, you get to try a small cup of either Coors Banquet or Coors Light. This is the FRESHEST Coors you will ever try…DUH. But really, it is delicious. After the tour, which takes about 30-45 minutes, you get 3 FREE pints of whatever you choose from their bar. Since they make lots of different beers (even other ones you have heard of, like Blue Moon), there will be around 6 or 7 options. Of course, two of those options will be Coors Banquet and Coors Light. Don’t worry about choosing wisely, they are all tasty and fresh.

Some of the highlights from the Tour are smelling the fresh brew of the WORLDS LARGEST single site brewery. Now that’s pretty beachin’ if you ask me! Tasting that fresh, heavenly beer is one of the best things about it, for those of you that would enjoy something new (we like beer here at Beachin’ Traveler, if you haven’t noticed yet. We actually brew our own at home! Maybe a post on that in the future!) The history that you get while on the tour is just fascinating. From when and how it started, the building and changes of the company over the years, and then the final result, where you will be walking through. If you are near Denver, be sure to make some time for this tour. Even if you use it as a little pre-game for a fun night out, head over to Golden (before 4 p.m.), take the tour, drink your 3 beers, and head on to the next spot. We really, really do recommend it. We will be going back to do it again whenever we swing through Colorado again, which fingers crossed is soon!

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Nevada: 7 Magic Mountains

7 Magic Mountains

I am thrilled to say that I have finally stopped to see the 7 Magic Mountains public artwork, yay! It only took me over a year and a half to make time to see this magnificent public art display that is located just 25 minutes outside of Las Vegas. With my busy schedule I’m used to missing out on temporary art exhibits, but what drove me insane was the fact that I drove past it every week for 1 year on my way to Los Angeles and could never make time.

How you ask, well I drove alone and I always ended up at this location before the sun arose or after dusk and being a single female in the middle of the desert… yeah I chose not to pull over and test my luck. 1 year and a half later I finally made it there during the daylight!!!



Swedish artist Ugo Rodinone is the brains behind this temporary two year exhibit in Jean, Nevada. This exhibit is 7 boulder totems painted to be visible during the day and night. I wasn’t much fascinated at this display of artwork, especially when I found out that it costs 3.5 million… this seems a bit ridiculous. Locally sourced boulders, painted in fluorescent colors, then stacked in the middle of the desert. Yeah, okay.

To each individual art is seen differently and I respect that, but this particular piece did not scream art to me as much as it seemed another way to break up traffic from those weekly LA to Vegas commuters, aka me. Also a fun photo op.


So since I was already there I decided to have a little photoshoot myself. 😉 DSC01139

After my displeasing visit I started doing more research as to what the artist felt it stands for and this is what he wrote, “ the location is physically and symbolically mid-way between the natural and the artificial: the natural is expressed by the mountain ranges, desert, and Jean Dry Lake backdrop, and the artificial is expressed by the highway and the constant flow of traffic between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.”


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Airport Lounges: Can’t Live Without Them

Lounge Passes You’ve Gotta Get

For the avid traveler, airport lounges aren’t just airport lounges, but rather, AIRPORT LOUNGES! For those of you who don’t know what an airport lounge is, it’s a lounge away from the rest of the airport, each with their own specific benefits. Some of the benefits include: free food, free drinks (including alcohol), quiet place for work/reading, comfortable seating, private seating, and more. Plus, you may not have to pay to get into a lounge, keep reading to find out how.

The way that most people get into lounges is through their credit card company or by being registered through one of the airlines. A few credit card companies have deals with the lounges where you can get in free of charge. American Express has their own lounges around the world where AMEX cardholders can get in (depending on the card you have), free of charge. In fact, AMEX lounges are usually top-notch and have some of the best benefit. They always have free food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). On the other hand, if you are a Delta member, you still have to be flying on a Delta flight to get into their lounges, which don’t always offer free alcoholic beverages. So, picking the right card and airline memberships is important.

Another great benefit for those of you that don’t have many credit cards and aren’t associated in anyway with an airline is that you can pay to get in. This is especially beneficial if you are very early for your flight. Find the lounge that is closest to your terminal and head on in. Once there, you can acquire on the pricing for entering the lounge. They range usually from $20-$50 per person. If you were planning on getting a bite to eat and a few drinks, then this may be well worth it, as airport food can easily empty your wallet.

A few other favorite benefits for lounging at the airport is being able to take a shower and freshen up. Many lounges out there offer nice restrooms and showers, so this is a major plus if you are flying internationally. Also, these days, almost all of them offer free WiFi within their lounges, which are quite fast considering less people are connected.

For the busy bees who can’t take a break from work, lounges are a great little getaway to plug in your devices and get some quiet time. In fact, lounges were initially designed for the business-savvy personnel, with quiet rules in place. Those rules still hold up, so be sure to check their guidelines before entering with the whole family. For us at Beachin’ Traveler, we have quite a few credit cards and are associated with a few different airlines, so we plan our trips with certain lounges in mind. Knowing that, here are a few of our favorites:

Las Vegas: Centurion Lounge (AMEX) Terminal 1 – Gourmet Food, Signature Cocktails, Curated Wines, Showers, Print/Copy, and Semi-Private Workspaces. Must be Platinum Card or Centurion Member. Can pay $50 per person as well.

Los Angeles: KAL Lounge – Tom Bradley Terminal – Disabled Access, Refreshments, Alcohol, Shower, News/Magazine, WiFi. Must be a Priority Pass Member, which works through financial institutions, and has over 1,000 lounges around the world.

Taiwan: More Premium Lounge – Beer & Wine, Phones, Conference Rooms (Paid), Snacks, WiFi, Premium Food, Printers/Copiers, Showers, and more. Must be a Priority Pass or Lounge Club Member, or can pay $37.00 at the door.



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Bear Country U.S.A

South Dakota: Bear Country U.S.A.

The Wonderful Wildlife of Bear Country

When visiting South Dakota, we at Beachin’ Traveler have a few places that we like to recommend. If you are an animal lover, or would even just enjoy seeing a few wild animals, then this article will be right up your alley. Right outside Black Hills and Sturgis, is a place called Bear Country. It holds this title for good reason, there are BEARS! Black AND Grizzly! Along with the Bears are a mound of other wild animals, including Reindeer, Elk, Arctic Wolves, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Lions, Buffalo, Rocky Mt. Goats, and many other gorgeous animals.

Hands down, the coolest part about going through Bear Country is that it is a road that loops around each area. If you have your own car, then you get to drive around it yourself. If you rode a motorcycle, then you get on their bus and get chauffeured. “Why is that cool?” you ask. Well, because there isn’t any fencing, walls, or glass to block you from the animals. They simply roam freely within their area, and you can take super close up pictures of them right from the window of your car. Bear Country highly insists that you keep your windows rolled up, in the case that one of the animals get a little riled up. We highly suggest that you do too, especially around the Bears. At least 10 Bears were within petting distance, and by petting, I mean them petting you, with their nails. Lol. Soooo keep those windows rolled up!


They do charge a small fee of $15 per person to visit Bear Country, but for good reason. The money goes to expanding the animal’s areas, and currently building a waterpark for the Bears. So, don’t think of it like you Zoo, where you don’t want to support the visiting of animals. Because in this case, the more you and everyone else visits, the better the animal’s lives will be. After you drive through, which takes about 45 minutes, we suggest you park and walk around the park to see even more animals. The Buffalo was one of our favorites, it was HUGE! Lastly, if you enjoyed everything and would like a souvenir, right before the exit is a Gift Shop to grab a couple goodies and keep lasting memories along with the INCREDIBLE photos and videos you will take during the drive.

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Golden, Colorado

Our Stay In Golden

Located just 30 minutes outside Denver and nestled up in the hills, Golden is an adorable town you’ll want to see. With only 1 day to spare in this town, we had to really buckle down and decide what we wanted to do. We were still on our ride to Sturgis so all three of us only had limited clothing + shoe options so a lot of extreme outdoor activities were immediately crossed off the list. Much to our surprise this town had a ton of different options! Though a long debate, we did end up deciding on 3 fun activities.

Red Rocks Park + Amphitheatre

Big, beautiful red rocks and lush greenery this place is heaven for nature lovers of all kinds. It was a bit gloomy when we were there and actually a concert was happening just yards from us, but none of that stopped us from taking in the spectacular views and the incredible wildlife we spotted.

The perfect place for a date day, picnic, a quick hike, or to sit and enjoy a good book. I would go back here again!!! I’ll be throwing up a bunch more pictures of this incredible place all week so make sure to follow @BeachinTraveler on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook…basically all social platforms.

Buffalo Bills Museum 

For those of you that stay current with Beachin’s blogs you’ll remember my post on this historic site! If you haven’t read it, go check it out now!!


It seems like every corner in this cute town there is a different brewery! As a beer connoisseur (I’d like to think so lol) I was stoked to find this out. I love to brew beer and learn the process of fellow brewers so this was right up my alley. We didn’t quite make it to all of the breweries in town, but we did get a good look at 4 of them!  Holidaily Brewing offers Gluten Free beer for those of you on a GF diet. Their beer is quite tasty as well. Cannonball Creek Brewing company had great flight options, growlers to fill + take home, and a fun environment. I just had to hit up The Coors Factory, duh. It was an incredible experience. Being as I am a huge fan of Original Coors I figured it’s best I go and learn how this small brewery grew to the #2 beer company in the United States. This brewery deserves it’s own blog so stay tuned for more details about my tour there!

Unfortunately I was on a strict time frame so I wasn’t able to explore too many of the Endless trails this city offered. Though the ones I did visit were perfect for cyclists, mountain boarders, runners, walkers, or motorcycle riders. If you are an outdoorsy person then you should start planning a trip to Golden, Colorado!

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Fitness Can Be Hard When Traveling

Don’t Let Your Travel Plans Stop Your Workout Routine!

Being as I am always on the road for work I have had to reinvent the typical way of staying shape, aka the gym! Not to mention,  I am not a “gym” type of person – I enjoy the more traditional approach of staying in shape like enjoying the outdoors. Taking advantage of outdoor activities is by far my favorite way to keep in shape and stay fit! 
Now-a-days I’m on the go, a lot, so scheduling in a good hike or swim at the lake isn’t always the most convenient. I’ve had to work with my surroundings and picked up a few travel fitness tips! Check them out below!!

Flight Delayed?

While you wait around for your plane to arrive take a brisk walk around the terminal. Besides, that carry-on you brought is most likely wayyyy too full and the added weight will be a bonus!


There isn’t much you can do while sitting in a small row with 2 other people, but don’t give up!! I will throw a body roller or two in my carry-on and mid flight use it to ease the pain in my lower back, neck, or even the arches of my feet. Yes it won’t be the best body message you’ve ever received, but it definitely helps your muscles from ending up in full tension mode by the time you land.

Stretch It Out

Sitting on still whether it be on a plane or in a car will tense up your muscles. Might sound silly, but as soon as you get off the plane or to your destination ease that lower back pain by doing a forward fold: bend at your hips and slowly fall forward. For additional stretching allow your upper body to swing back and forth. Other beneficial yoga poses are downward dog + child’s pose.

Equipment Must Haves

Well clearly we don’t want to be lugging around dumbbells or other gym equipment so let’s get real and talk practical travel equipment.

  • Jump Rope: Wanna burn the most calories & have fun while doing it? Then jump rope needs to be your go to travel workout. Jumping rope burns more calories than any other form of cardio.
  • Resistance Bands are a great way to tone on the road + they are light enough to throw in your bag and barely even notice.
  • Hand Towels: use in place of sliders
  • Reuseable water bottle: fill ‘er up and use as weight replacements

Hotel Gym

When booking a hotel for your trip make sure it has a gym… be careful to really look into it because not all hotel gyms have equipment. Sounds crazy right, but so true! I have booked a hotel to only realize that it was more of a stretching room. If this happens to you, don’t worry – In this case you can always add physical activity by avoiding elevators and opting for the stairs or using simple bodyweight exercises!

The best time to workout is first thing in the morning, so kickstart your metabolism with some high intensity full body workouts such as, jumping jacks, pushups, planks, lunges and burpees. several reps of each will be perfect for a quick and beneficial morning workout sesh!

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Prairie Berry Winery

South Dakota: Prairie Berry Winery

Prairie Berry Winery

While on our road trip to Sturgis, SD, we tried venturing out as much as possible and really inviting the environment into our lives. There is a city next to Sturgis called Hill City, which has a couple cool places to visit and see. One of those places is the Prairie Berry Winery. On the way to the winery, you go through windy roads built through the forests, up the mountains, next to the streams, and around the lakes. It is a stunning drive/ride and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Once you get to the winery, you can sample their wines for free, a subtle marketing trick to get you to find one you like and purchase a bottle or two. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t work. Just kidding, it works fantastically! The Prairie Berry Winery has a wide range of wines to choose from. They range from very dry to extra sweet, depending on your palette. Although you only get to choose 5 different wines to taste during the wine tasting experience. Which is definitely enough, considering they have descriptions of each wine, so you can choose the ones that you would enjoy the most.

The whole experience is an absolute blast. You get to pick and choose which ones you would like to try. Some of the darker reds get paired with unbelievably delicious sausage or cheese. It is all such a delight. In addition to the wine tasting, they also have a food menu, which features elegant options, such as the Charcuterie Board (cured meat platter) and Soppressata and Artichoke Pizza. Back to the wines, two of our favorites were the Anna Pesa Meritage and the Wild Plum Fusion. The Meritage is a red, dry, and bold flavored wine, and the Plum Fusion is more on the sweeter side, but not overly sugary, and best served chilled. Don’t feel obligated to try these, but they are both great wines, so be “more inclined.”

A few more things to try while you are there are the Frost Bite and the Compotes. The Compotes are on a table near the middle of the tasting room and are self-serve. They provide pretzels to taste them with, which really helps get the most of the flavors, putting sweet and salty together. Our favorite Compote was the Kick-Ass Compote, which is their Raspberry Rhubarb flavor, mixed with a little Jalapeno, which gives it the “Kick-Ass.” On the other hand, their Frost Bite is something completely different. It is a dry mixture of sugar, tea, and a few other ingredients that you mix with a bottle of wine and a bottle of water. You then freeze the mixture for 6 hours, stir it and serve. It turns into this incredibly delicious icy mixture, similar to the texture of a snow cone. The sugary mixture with the dry red wine you blend with it is to die for. After tasting a sample or two of the Frost Bite, we walked out at least 2 packets.

For those of you that have already been to Prairie Berry Winery, please let us know what your favorites are and what your experience was like. If you haven’t been or want to plan a trip, let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below! We are always excited to get some feedback and interact with everyone! Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed!



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Nevada: Mt. Charleston

Mount Charleston aka Spring Mountains National Recreation Area of the Humboldt -Toiyabe National Forest

To most visiting, Vegas is all about gambling, nightlife, and good food. To locals it is  about getting outside and enjoying our many beautiful recreation areas. Mount Charleston is just one of them, but is a favorite due to the fact that you can enjoy this spot year round. When it is in the triple digits on the strip, it’s usually in the low to mid 80’s up there.

Located just over 30 miles NorthWest of Las Vegas you can enjoy the cool mountain fresh air at Mount Charleston from 3,000 to 12,000 feet up.

Juniper trees, Ponderosa Pines, and Aspens are just a few of what Mt. Charleston has to offer.  Being as it is only a 30 minute drive we frequent this place year round. Usually to take the dogs on a nice hike and enjoy the cooler weather, but sometimes just to picnic. During your hike – don’t be surprised to see deer, desert tortoises, and even songbirds. This place is full of beautiful wildlife!

Let’s Go For A Hike!

There are over 50 miles of hiking trails so grab your water and let’s go! Each hike has a little something different to offer – waterfalls, forests, and wildflowers will easily help you to forget that you are right outside of Las Vegas.

Favorite Hikes:

  • Mary Jane Falls ( EASY) – This hike is ideal for a beginner and the perfect family hike that only takes about an hour. Depending on the season you might be able to enjoy the waterfall!
  • Fletcher Canyon ( Easy) – Another perfect hike for the family! Beautiful rock walls that go up to 100 feet. If you are looking for a simple hike that won’t take long then this one is it!
  • Big Falls ( Strenuous) – Seasonal waterfall and gorgeous views, this half day hike is great for those experienced hikers. Unlike the other trails, this one is not marked nor maintained so be careful!

Getting Hungry?

As for shops and restaurants, there aren’t many options once you get to there so before you hit the base, make sure you’ve got enough gas and any extras you may want for the day.  I would recommend eating at the Mt. Charleston Lodge. Beautiful views from your table, an outdoor seating area, great food options, and even better cocktails this place is a winner!


Prefer to bring your own food and have a picnic?! The Cathedral Rock Picnic Area can be found at the end of Kyle Canyon Road and has picnic tables and restrooms.


The next time you make your way to Las Vegas, plan to explore all that this city has to offer off of the strip! I hope this article was helpful and would love to know your experiences at Mt. Charleston!! Comment them below


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