How to Defeat the Vegas Summer Heat

Are you planning a trip to Vegas anytime soon?

If its between May and September, then it can be a pretty hot vacation. May and September are not nearly as warm as June, July, and August, but you should still be prepared to face the heat if so, since it varies day-to-day. Lucky for you, I am compiling a small list of ways to beat the heat this Summer for your trip, so you can make the most out of it and have the best time possible. I would definitely like to point out (before we get started) that you need to be drinking tons of water. Even more than you think, especially if you are going to be drinking alcohol as well. Below is a list of places to go that are not only great spots to visit while in Las Vegas, but also provide a way to cool off!

  1. A hotel pool! This one is obvious, but some people come and stay with family, so they don’t always have the option to take the elevator to a refreshing pool below. Lucky for you, many of the local hotels allow you to use their pool for free. Some only allow locals for free, while others may charge a small fee. It doesn’t hurt to call a few nearby hotels ahead of time to see which one’s best fit your needs!
  2. Go to the lake! Lake Mead is only a short 20-30-minute drive from the strip. The water is extremely refreshing, thanks to it’s hard to warm depth of 532 feet! It is the largest reservoir in the U.S., and the 16th largest man-made lake in the world! You can swim, fish, ski, tube, and more!
  3. Lake Las Vegas! This is a smaller, more private lake right next to Lake Mead, on the west side (closer to the strip). Here, you can swim, paddleboard, water jetpack (flyboard), shop the area, and eat at the cute restaurants.
  4. Indoor Skydiving! Are you a thrill seeker? This may be the perfect idea for your group. It will get you indoors, with a ton of cool wind in your face. One of the best options in town is Vegas Indoor Skydiving with 4.5 stars and 248 reviews at this time.
  5. Charleston! Only about 30-40-minutes away from the strip, Mt. Charleston can be a very beautiful and cool getaway. The temperature is typically 10-25 degrees cooler than the Vegas area. You can hike up to small waterfalls or just relax and have a picnic in the forest.
  6. Top Golf! This is a new attraction to Vegas, and one that people are really enjoying (including myself). It is a fun way to play a group activity, drink, get in the shade, go inside, or even swim in their pools. There are tons of options here, but head to their website before going to make sure they have availability, since it does get pretttty busy at times.


Thanks for reading and I hope this helps for your next trip to Las Vegas in the Summer. If you have any questions about other places, be sure to leave it in the Comments section below and I will give you my honest opinion on the matter! If you love travelling, would like to know more about cool, beautiful, and fun places to visit, be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss another post! Thanks again!



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