Products That Make International Travel A Breeze

  • Tips on traveling internationally

Traveling internationally can be overwhelming and exhausting, but let me ease that pre-travel anxiety by providing you with a list of items that will make our travels a breeze.

Not sure what clothes to pack? Check out my past article here. In today’s post i’m only talking products and electronics that make your international travel a peice of cake.

  • GoPro
    • Waterproof, easy enough to use for even the technologically challenge person and super portable.
  • Backpack with a Camelbakc
    • most countries don’t have good water sources so having a camelback means you can fill it with water bottles from your hotel and be ready to take on the day.
    • expandable backpacks are also nice to hold anything you want to purchase while out and about.
      • going somewherre you plan on swimming? You’lll need a change of clothes or a towel for after… throw it in your backpack
  • Passport holder/ wallet
    • You’ll need to carry this everywhere with you while in another country so make sure your passport holder can fit in your bag/purses you plan on carrying around with you
  • hand sanitizer
    • some countries

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